baby- you can revolve or EVOLVE!!


Pretty simply either I am in a good state or wishing I wasn’t around… My tolerance for feeling crappy and confused is very low as I seem to go to fright very quickly- Panic is not fun.. not many light hearted laughs available.

My purpose in life is to INJoy it… I have named the state the GTBA which stands for Glad to be alive! a wonderful rush of energy but not always available to this human (me) so My feelings are my cue and my clue.. when I am revolving there is generally a circular way of thinking that just repeats and repeats…it is not fun in the least – giving off “what ” if “concerns and catastrophic thinking.. the worst possible outcomes that thankfully haven’t manifested even tho I seem to insist living in their possibilities.

THRIVING.. is the feeling… THAT … I chase… I call it The Fow!

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There- saying it..

I medicate with Cannabis…. I have been puffing and chewing for almost 4 years now. I see a difference …. I declare –POT is a HEART and MIND OPENING experience…

Marijuana , micro dosed can expand and open … one’s heart and mind…. it does mine.————-

I smoked it a few times while I was in my 20’s.. the paranoia was unbearable- so was my own regular thinking…  I remember… i recall sitting in a group and really not knowing if I was talking or just thinking that i was talking…. very uncomfortable… and that sort of encompasses me in the then. circa 1960’s.- always looking outward- getting my life from your opinion…. hey …. that is how I thought it worked. It – being the world as I understood it…if you like me… then I was likable… if you didn’t- well then it was probably something I did…  (everything was outside of myself) EXHAUSTING  paradigm to inhabit. 

Thriving doesn’t have room for that feeling- thriving is energetically living- i believe it is the natural state of life…and its direction is positive.. and best of all THRIVING feels good. Thriving is filled with JOY.. one cant purchase this feeling for any extended time… can one?


I don’t feel that I get this because of cannabis- I believe that weed accentuates what is there… I do a lot of work every day to put positivity into my mind… I listen to WISDOM.. for me it takes much effort- but the effort is so worth it.. because I have a low tolerance for misery..

Prescription pills mask a lot- but left me as empty as before when they wear off…OPEN MINDED? OPEN HEARTED!?  an essential for the thrive/fow  I crave.


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No-one knows….


who knows anything about this Corona?   This is a real present moment situation that demands PRESENCE in the response – hopefully with a clear head.  A head that is not influenced by personal need and fear.

I for one, am having a difficult time keeping it in the perspective it deserves.

Good wishes for all of us HUMANS and other species on this planet,,, what is the lesson?

REACTION… is the killer.. of choice..and the Donald is a good teacher…


a good example , and  let his behavior  be our  teacher – if we have our wits about us we might not have to act- out anymore.

One has to have their WITS about them… right?  now I know what that means… without ones wits… we just blurt out our most defensive words looking to protect who we think we are…( me- mine – i think- it is…..) and so on into the ether…of our existence…getting more defensive and identified more and more with (me-mine- ours- etc.


I believe that in every human (fuman) resides a desire to be content- a desire to INjoy their life- LOVE< KINDNESS< GENEROSITY< PLAYFULNESS -open heartedness if you will- i believe that is how we arrive in this body on this planet… and then… culture or society influences us and we become caught up in the identity of who we think you think we are…. at least i experienced something like that…  and what I have noticed lately- is the DOING/ BEING  conundrum…. more later as that could be a short book!

REACTION needs RETHINKING or we are assigned to our old selves and not able to create who we are in the moment… and then we are New and not OLD.. no matter our is more fun when we can create our selves … I am infinitely entertained by finding out who I am …I have never been this before… so fun.

RESPONSE is the way to go…. a very good distinction from reaction…. responding requires being here


UN-THening… is impossible…


tue dis….

Living in the Present...

its cool … to be kind- really its GOOL to be Kind

You cannot un then … and .. there is no re-when… so just say AMEN,,, and be HERE!

Life lived in the now is so different .. then the reality of predisposed and usually I do…..HERE,, and Fow is the key – (fukin wow)


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not the new generation… it is the NEW CONVERSATION!


Dear David Hogg,

I am an admirer of yours… I admire your bravery and your dedication….. but come on here… you don’t own fear of guns and insanity. We all do.. we all live it…it is a new paradigm for ALL.. not just high school students..

No one has been alive in times like these before… it is NEW for all.. no matter which part of the life ark we are on… do you really think people get stuck in their teen years for the rest of their time in their bodies?  Look up evolve in the dictionary… although, there is hardly time anymore… we must ingest new attitudes as NINfo- (new info) happens. Just like the apps that upgrade,,, so must attitude upgrade and adjust in order to stay relevant.. equaling consciousness.

I don’t believe the difference is young and old… I believe it is NEW and OLD.. the brightest minds can use other’s experiences to learn, and we do not have to endure each awful experience to get it…learn a little humility early and life will be easier for you..GOD BLESS us ALL.. and Nancy Pelosi too!


LeBron is DUMB… says the FIDIOT!…


Sorry for name calling…. it doesn’t work for me or for anyone else… However….just this once… the fresident is a fidiot. ( i hope you speak flanguage).

I am a great admirer of LeBron.. and why not? I admire his choices throughout his life that I am aware of, I live in Miami and he gave me basketball- a very generous player right? I like GENEROSITY- as a virtue- I believe it is necessary for an open hearted- open minded life..that evolves along with the ether…

I watched Don Lemon also- no one on the show , LJ or DL used any negatives to express their points of view- pretty classy, actually.

This isn’t about black and white- it is about POSITIVITY vs NEGATIVITY – as a divorce 2 times,,, I know all about this name calling shit- and what it does.

Be the kind of person that you like……. and then

Being aware ... being awake, being mindful, love and loving, Miscellaneous

LIKING ONE”S SELF!!!! … seems as though that might be a key to the puzzle here…

There is one voice that can ruin my day anytime it activates in a critical fashion… it is my own !! Actually it doesn’t  even have to be talking to be heard by me.. it can speak on a cellular level also…and I get a visceral hit of disdain,  or a something is “wrong with me”.- kind of feeling… also very prevalent, is that there is something MISSING….. (here it is important to explain,,, that I am not sure what exactly IS missing… just sure that there is an ingredient that is necessary and is missing in action somewhere- ) and that creates it’s own sad, wordless story.- hanging like a cloud full of negative energy!

icky ick

I don’t profess to really know why this IS… but it IS- at least, in my existence…. I believe it is learned, practiced and mastered!  Being the smart, probably precocious  and obviously adorable young girl that I was. I  took up the language of “improvement here please ! “and not good enough…pretty early in my life … in this this Ellen. Satisfaction became something in the Future-

I think this is a large part of the malaise we suffer here,,, the Never good enough- always can be better- “toby got straight A’s- shit…. it is bad enough when we live with it as children… but when we take it on and  that  white negative noise becomes the background music to our lives…… ohoh … not funderful not  enjoyable… and so on…………..

I want to be funnyhonest- kind- generousauthentic and entertaining , considerate (working on my patience) – OPEN MINDED and OPEN HEARTED!!

Back to the original thought…. Be who you like… and learn to be satisfied….I actually say to myself ( sometimes) “You are Fmazing!” when I do something that I like… and I am predisposed at this point to want to do likables as I have become quite conscious of Time and the value of it.. above all else… I want to INJOY my time on this planet in this body.. 






APP- UP HUMANS- I am so impressed….


read and reread…. this is way to rid ourselves of the garbage that we “thought” that surely stinks and doesn’t work

Living in the Present...


. I am Always so impressed with my APPs abilities to upgrade…. we Humans could really benefit here by just APPing up.. When we get NInfo-  ( new information) it is our duty and assignment to digest it – put it right into the system and see what comes out!! It is impossible to be the same as we were before the download… right? of course! My WAZE or FB or Offerup or anything- just reboots- better than evaH… no resistance, no holding on to its history!!!

To me that is just so exciting- and encouraging! NInfo equals new- Info – and  that totally demands our presence in the moment so we can take advantage of both the moment and the Info which really blend into one another ….and puffs out comes an upgraded Human mind…remarkable in its Newness.- and this is the benefit of staying in the…

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