wowch is my gift to u



That is my word and I made it up… and I am giving you the right to use it as you wish.  I interpret it as “wow…i didn’t see that coming.. and ouch!”. So,,, follow this… no reaction just wowch!! i am so proud of this creation… cuz it will help in many different situations… and every time you say wowch,instead of running your mouth with reactive noise, viva la difference!

here i want to insert some suggestions for the rule of wowch.

1. no facial expression,other than a smile

2. eyes do not go ballistic or roll

in other words, with wowch we have a communication that tells whoever is on the other end – i am surprised and it stings! then we are able to drop the ball or pass … but we don’t need anymore reactions… right? just the actions we choose to do.. while we are making the very most of our time on this planet.

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