first school day on my own… since the “parting”. I find i have to remove a program from my (operating machine),me of course, that is no longer useful!  Like I no longer am operating with artificially induced time frames like 9 to 5 , not counting travel time, 7:30 to 6, and apparently i have some sense of rhythm that feels a bit interrupted,therefore a bit grasping and not so comfortable with the change of my relationship to time yet.  Although please make no mistake that I entertain this as a problem!! And I want to assure anyone who wants to know, that when I sit down here at this computer, here, I am  very very satisfied and using one of my favorites parts of my person, my mind to do what I want to create. Wow life couldn’t be sweeter than that.

I cleaned, felt good, kudos to that !  I walked and spent many hours with my teacher Gurumayi, listening to her undeniable wisdom – Life couldn’t be better! and Jon and Kathleen are coming!! I better stay very high-minded.

for now



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