I think… I am mourning the cubicle and all that it provided!!


I am going to close my eyes and watch cubiclegirl70 say farewell…I didn’t realize the emotions that just come with different situations, comedic or not.  after all. i am a human also,  and human beings are amazing miracles aren’t we??? Even at our most base level, which is a living human with no awareness… or here we are humans physically but more on all of the subtle levels.

For some reason I am surprised that I have a feeling of loss for what was…. and perhaps it is good for me to express this.. honoring the time of my life where i grew as Cubiclegirl70 and forming my maturity.  The great people that I got to share the day with— I miss them.. I miss riding up Biscayne Blvd to Fort Lauderdale, seeing all of the wondrous foliage in different stages, some bursting in color, some putting the energy into budding… just like us..in different stages… I hope they take themselves a bit less seriously, However.

Guys, if you are reading this and you know that cubicle- I miss you.


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