Mood swinging!!


whew…. feel like there is a veil over my mind…. i fear it might be known as sadness or depression…. usually i like something a bit more dramatic, like fear which would rapidly morph into anger …. and produce tons and tons of crusts!!!

Crusts, crusts,crusts…. keeping me from the moment… robbing me of the here and now … . Yes… that sounds pretty  familiar, at least. Familiar seems comforting… sadly  it blankets the possibility of the “out of the blue ” wonders that happen on a daily basis if i keep myself open-hearted

anyways,,, truly i just heard mewing!!!… gandered at the 6 little kittens that Helen of Troy had,,, and it is hard to feel very sad  while looking at that little family.  Boy they just get it right .. at least it seems… i mean you rarely meet a f-upped  dog.. or cat … they just are. just ..being..

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