working and working well (enough) ALIVEly

Being aware ... being awake, love and loving

wow   … yesterday was the day!!  i turned 70 years old!! amazing just amazing… my parts are working well, no replacements yet… of course, i did not come with any guarantees.. it doesn’t work that way with human bodies… unlike refrigerators, that u must insure after 3 years!! wow  can’t people do better than that?

I am scanning my brain for a point… ( well said, if i have to say so myself)…lol

Life !! Energy!… sort of the same.. I am proposing that we enter the conversation of presence.. with each other … with ourself most importantly. I don’t want to miss any of the Joy anymore.. I want to be here NOW.. thank you Ram Dass for that hint so many years ago…( i think i will rebuy that book).

I was in India in the middle 1990’s and i was told that my Teacher only had one wish for me… and that was to enJoy my life… SIMPLE… right? “yea”  except that it has taken me this many years to GET IT. Common human behavior seems to get in the way most of the time…

HERE… the here and now.. is the ONLY place that this can happen… so we must reteach ourselves… we cannot get old and stale with what we think… so rethink.. maybe yesterday i had an issue to think through… maybe today i am fresh and new and vitally alive! that is the benefit of growth and change and commitment to INJOYING our lives…

While we are here let’s be HERE.. right here using our minds, not being used by them.. after all, a mind needs a captain or it just floats wherever it wants. I have many stories that will make you laugh but cringe and i know that you could do the same for me,,

let’s be amazingly alive!



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