i need someone to tell so i can figure it out!! DO NOT REACT!! sweet girl


that’s me talking to myself

fuckityfuckfuck!! living with other people is a______ fill in the blank… challenge is so 2013’s..

AHHHH i have to take my own advice here and use this wisdom i know… knowing wisdom is useless, however.  I will IMPLEMENT!!.. whenever… i implement i grow.. and grow and change and become exactly who i want to be, at least for the moment — til the next time when Knowing is not enough!

Howevah! i am now living with a person,and i can fairly say, both to him and to you, that is  only reactive!!!  A star in that event.  !! he could win if that were a categorical contest.( lol )

which makes this just the kind of situation, apparently that i need in order to muffle myself, when it is necessary. I am watching the thoughts.. they are not pretty… they would like to get into, right-wrong,-yes-no,WHAT DO U MEAN n never-ending opinionated  kinds of conversations…et al

what a stoopid waste of time.. and it is trying to catch me if i am not vigilant!! wowch, that must be the hidden gift. of this awesome hand i have been dealt..

I NEED the tenant’s money… that is for sure.. I need to remember that.. that is for sure. and one day i won’t need the $$$. That is the news… it isn’t good or bad… it is just the news.

I was 70 years old  2 days ago and i don’t want to waste a moment on  that reactive  crap anymore… it is not fun and it is not funny…


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