watching… watching… watching.. my mind!


who knew??? we should definitely have a class by the time we are in  kindergarten, actually introducing us to all the goodies that come with being in a human body!

like legs, veins, hearts, hands, MINDS… we can use them… our legs don’t walk anywhere they want, we can stop our hands from moving, we can USE our minds… not be used by them. Relationship to the mind, seems askew … even my grandson, hudson asked who was running him… he was less than 6 years old… Hudson asked, ” who is running me ? my mind or me?”?

I dont pretend it is easy… but it is mucho easier than the havoc we endure if we follow a thought that is unproductive in supporting our big picture.. which is our experience and life.

I have been a student since 1983 with 12 steps   but lucky enough to meet Gurumayi Chivilsanda, got shaktipat,,in 1987 , and the story goes on…and it still goes on while i am wearing ellen, or cubiclegirl70 as she likes to be referred to! (lol)

so cross your fingers for me… that i can keep watching and not become…

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