about remembering the emperors new clothes… that he never had right?

Being aware ... being awake, love and loving

The emperor was naked!!! but everyone told him that his clothes were nice… why? i absolutely go MENTALLY ILL when there are untruths being thrown around the conversation…. MY gosh,  even if you are being polite….. and in your viewpoint, protecting me(or someone) from a fact that might cause a wowch!   untrue is untrue and it is commonly called lying….and even worse then just lying… once something unauthentic goes into the recipe…. it isn’t  tasty  anymore… it doesn’t

I suggest that lying negates all and everything that is being said…so don’t talk and use up breath  just  binge on t.v. why waste words that mean nada. who cares about someone else’s delusions.

Authenticity is the key here… to learn who we are and to allow other existing forms (people) and other existing forms of energy ,even if they are wearing animal clothes,  to thrive truly..and enjoy their time on this planet…and not wondering who and what to believe!!!

I can, not like what you think… and you can disagree with  me… we don’t have to rise up out of our seats, huffing and puffing ,feeling belittled (imagined usually) if this scene is not familiar to you….  you are pretty extraordinary …. EXTRAORDINARY is what we all can be if we authenticate, rethink, recreate ourselves daily.

Presence to Presence! hola!!!


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