I am mesmerized by the news that people are responding favorably to The Donald…aren’t you too?? If not please give me some good reasons that i must be missing with my own mind.

His energy expresses himself like a mean girl ( or boy) in jr. high school….Calling people that are quite admirable Morons!! I always thought the Moron was the moron who was calling someone a MORON……so The Donald, Maybe you are running for President, so you can overtake the Kardashians with your new show…right??? I hope so.

Money, Negotiations, Name calling, Litigation for revenge’s sake… OH MY GOODNESS! what a platform..

Seriously here, is this funny or scary? ….or funny and scary!! His appeal is absolutely unintelligible to me… ,except for the material he provides for Jon Stewart, et al…

what do they say….? “Just SAYIN’

please advise





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