about anger … and hitting back…HELP us we are angry!!

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After watching the video of the young QB on the news …. and listening to the PUNDITS ( i like chris como) and that deal… we need to address the amazingly painful mentalities we (in this  country) seem to harbor…

One need not blow up others or wipe out  children in a kindergarten class to be classified as having mental illness.. so many of our everyday actions qualify as mental… we discussed being ” MAD AT”- I think that is a great one bordering on the senseless. can we call it a mental illness? MAYBE…

I truly believe that we have the wrong education when it comes to our life, body, purpose and emotions… i suggest that the best of us are mentally needy ( hope i am not going overboard)… But truly, who here on this planet… lives in a unified state… mind and body.. surrounded by gratitude and not suffering envy, victimhood,blaming…etc etc etc..???

Live and Let Live has been a paradigm of decency for years… I made a shirt that crosses out the LET and substitutes Help…  ie. Live and Help Live!

As long as we act like we are these people in these bodies… and have no other education as to the possibilities available to us, if we were to use our minds instead of being used by them….

I invite conversation… just saying this… i love to write it!

Bless us all Please


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