operating systems …have to be updated!! just like in your mac!!! actually this is important to get if u can

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this is such a cool thought!!!   if you have a feeling — and it doesn’t feel so enjoyable, right?… like maybe it is sad. angry, icky gooky tummy feelings…well if you could self explore and see what core belief system (OPsys) you are responding from… ie. “Rich people are better people”.. i’ll use this because it was one that i seemed to be silently living… for many years….

let me explain… i will do a video on it and tell a story i think… how i found it, how it bothered me and best of all how i changed it… and remember until you give words to these beliefs they just fester around causing everything but joy. So I had to identify…

But as a child i grew up around luxury hotels and people on vacation….somewhere.  i put together that rich people were better people… not richer people…welllllll…. not very observant or actual .. but  that sort of worked, even tho it was totally absurdish, for many years… as long as i still thought of myself as someone with money $$$$.

well CRASH>>> CRASH…. no more $$$$!!! soon. get this if i have an opsystem like RP are better People.. it was a core belief that

1. is incorrect

2. really doesn’t support my love of mySELF

How it surfaced..

I was invited to a very Juban family wedding… everyone was rich… but me… (poor me) and the party was lovely, festive, special… and i started to get down… so in lieu of having a wonderful time, i was feeling YUCKish –

In a study group of quantum thinking,:::

i learned a technique to discover where this yuck was coming from… so after i established  that somewhere, perhaps as a child i just assumed it… Rich people are better people… changed into wow  RICH PEOPLE are RICHER.. which is true and completely livable with no reflection on anyone… !!! that is an operating system change…

It is my experience that in the moment it feels good and gets done… one might have to address it again,,, but when ever we are getting a signal — of yuck… download again… and again.. until it is your new operating system… only until you grow and improve on it…dealing with family and friends and bosses and the news and everything  takes rethinking  … I do it many times a day… more naturally.. and i don’t give those stoopid thoughts a long rein… I want to ENJOY !


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