about donald…compassion???


compassion is a hard one to achieve…

to feel for other people (humans), other creatures,  existence in general etc… to share knowledge that life can be very difficult and challenging..and cut others a soft spot.. while you wish them well.

as i watch and listen to the news… i see improvement for The D… experience is the best teacher… he has many good qualities. 1. creativity,smarts, money so he will not owe anyone anything for their support.. (that is quite a plus for a leader)  however…
compassion is the missing ingredient.. thus, his TONE reflects disdain and animosity,  his competitiveness,(appalling) he has a lack of magnanimity.. which really is the most attractive a human can be…at least in my opine.

he judges from his position… too much right and wrong… defending his positions while we hear his predilection for name calling!!  so COOL.

we don’t need more people in our life who operate like this!!! this whole paradigm is changing cause it has to… or as they say in war “who’s right and who’s LEFT?’  great saying …. that one.


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