about… SCARY…news and touching on being an ELDER

Being aware ... being awake

when did going to the movies or the mall  or almost anywhere… become a test of courage?  if u are old enough to listen to the news, or have a computer, any number of ears, can read and so on…. even overhear others concern…..you just might pick up the vibe is fearrrrrrr!

crazy has upped their game in this world…..in the place of just killing yourself cause you want to…. and i think even if it is against a law…. man , that is a personal decision. so if and when i want to….  i will.  Life is to be enjoyed and shouldn’t have to be a grueling, endless despairfest… However, deciding to kill yourself after you  have shot up a church,theatre,neighborhood, anywhere!!!  eliminating others and breaking many hearts  That is for one thing, NOT FAIR to the rest of us…and the vibration it sends wafting .

Never before in my life have i  EVER entertained thoughts that someone could be BEHEADED… INSANE……new low from the meanies out there.

Making lemonade here,, would entail. ..for one thing, rethinking your value of time and life…making a concerted effort to ENJOY yourself… actively aware of what you are creating with your thoughts and manifesting….in your life… ( studying enjoyment and feelings would be more valuable then many of the subjects in school…) Presence and Awareness…101 thru ever.. cause we should “GROW TIL WE GO!!!!”,,, i made that up..lol

Fear is a killjoy fear is killjoy fear is killjoy – new chant.

Being in a certain age group… certainly casts your lot as to what will be experienced… in your lifetime…. i am thinking the world is already warm enough., I really like knowing the polar bears have enough surface to party on, everyone keeps their head unless they don’t want to,

I am naming this group ELDER – lots of things happen… physically and mentally… saying goodbye to some body stuff… losing hair, growing dark hairs at lightening speeds, etcetcetcetcetc…. no need to go there now…But as an Elder I want to say SCARY SUCKS...

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