cruelty came thru…… donald and chris….


maybe it is smellovison … i felt the heat and the cruelty ( available) to mr. trump and mr christie!! they cannot mask it… it just seems to be the fuel that feeds the engine of these men…i personally want to run away… name calling, ready to attack, almost watching the suck in ready to spew their mean, filthy opinions, while they relish , apparently and obviously, lick their drooling chops… enjoying the attack… i say lock them up… they are as dangerous as anything else…clear the room of crazy…

i hope i don’t sound crazee –

just heard that donald was uninvited…. this is so amusing  that i might cancel Amazon Prime and Netflix…

just for the record… rand paul likes to fight too… is liking to fight good?-



One thought on “cruelty came thru…… donald and chris….

  1. Only for your life and those you love….
    Which could be all living things.. But you have stay in the
    “Light” as much as you can. Keep your inner circle kind .
    My sage share of wisdom !


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