Donald … KNOWS.. and that sounds great… but no one really knows…

Being aware ... being awake

for the last 24 i have been in a sort of quandary here…. ” i just don’t know what to do with myself…….” so uncomfy in my own skin…. which is a story unto itself… ( the skin) i mean. really disregard this subject   and lets move on….

But it is 9:00 am and i can hear the commentary… i thank the Lord for this…

However, is the donald a reflection of Us in the USA??? apparently he must be… that is the scariest part of the whole thing… for what reason do the supporters of the Trumpster attractivate  towards him?? Could it be the BOMB THE BASTARDS  attitude.. or are we looking for someone who we attribute the attributes of being able to save us…?   I find this to be pretty common… at least in my own life, always looking for someone to SAVE me.  Save me from what?? we each have to look inside to answer this privately and truthfully with ourSELF.

I don’t even know… it is the unknowable  abyss  of WHO THE HELL KNOWS that sends shivers..yet from the looking point of this… we have a lot of things to reconsider here… we being all creatures with the ability  or not to work, vote, talk, humanize etc.. my Catamily  doesn’t give me and my opinions about Donald or anyone else any attention… they do respond , in fact, to kindness, care, affection, dependability,  etc( here too.)

All my life, at the very very core of my being was the fear that i didn’t know … much and was personally unavailable to care for myself… THEREFORE, enter anyone… I would immediately, on a cellular level, root them in, as a super hero, caped,  to grab my hand, right before i went down the figurative drain, and somehow SAVE me..

Donald talks like he knows…. and that is what is so attractive, at least in my opine… I feel that down in the cells of many of us is a secret… fearful, confused, wonderment of can i handle this??? so eager to pass the buck.. so sure that , not knowing could not possibly be the safest and most correct place to be coming from…  so enter , the KNOWER. and everyone falls down from relief and crossed their fingers and their hearts…..thinking they are saved from …. themselves.  So we take a breath of relief and hand over the situation and the problem relieved that we are out of the position.. and pass on all responsibility to someone, anyone ELSE.

… and i will hand over all that fear… because  i think they know and i, on the other hand,  could never know… and i will PRETEND that everything is under control and going in the right direction.. I guess u could surmise this story and it’s organic ridiculousness.. because…..

NO ONE KNOWS…we are not even supposed to know…. if we act in the moment while using  the information that we actually have learned and experienced … we will be able to act in a conscious way, while we (once again) actually are in the correct position to make the decision that we NEED to make with all of the right ingredients..

The ingredients are not blathering, and pontificating, not diminishing others in order to accentuate our own worth… The ingredients, are WISDOM, SELF REFLECTION, EXPERIENCE, ADMIRATION OF Others… Learning from the experiences of all others, this is the kind of mentality that we must elect…. This is the mentality that should and would inspire our own

More than what they would do…. i am attracted to how they do it…. Like my catamily, I wish to respond.. to the Virtues that make life awesome,,,, and add to all humanity and the creatures that this earth supports..RESPECT… HUMILITY… COURAGE..INTEGRITY let’s let our leaders reflect these instead of the fear… , anger, and uncomfortability that makes us so comfortable.





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