Crazy Cat woman,,,,.who me?

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how did this occur??? don’t u wonder sometimes??? just now the hell… did I, me become a CRAZYYY CAT WOMAN?

Unfortunately i feel a bit speechless, which does not exactly lend itself to typing….lol .
I have a Catamily… that is who i live with… and they are my life.  we LIVE TOGETHER! well there is Blisster, Hallelujah, Loonie, Helen, and we were recently blessed with Kiddo and Dawg….. counting up.. i get 6…and they are just the ones with keys to the door. On my front porch i have… clare and clare ( they looked alike and came from the same litter) and Sambo(a) who is clare’s offspring and whom i must have fixed very very soon… or ….we know the ending to that story..

Also I know all of the cats who live in this building… there are many,  and many people who are constantly unhappy that there are so many cats in this building. I don’t like bumping into them (figuratively) cuz they think of me as a CRAZY CAT LADY… which seems to me a bit bazaar… However.. I seem to fit the resume here… i have the qualifications… right? just fostered a litter of 6,, feed gosh knows how many daily.. and sleep with 6 if  I get lucky. Last night they all showed up…. they were getting some blue vibrations from me… all of them  appeared  and  just hung out… watching me read.. coming up for a touch. so sweet.

I talk to them personally of course, and realize that I got that training from playing with dolls and giving them voice too. sometimes i get to sharpen those skills by playing Barbie with my youngest granddaughter … however, these Felines  are real creatures, who are not in a human body like me… expressing every feeling that i have….and i might add give me a constant source of Love.. if i am aware enough and centered enough to receive it…  This is sort of a confessional of some sort… and i am just going to PUSH the Publish button… what the heck!!!!



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