Jimmy Carter… King of Elder Cool…

Being aware ... being awake, Miscellaneous

it was an absolute honor to listen to President Carter.... and watch a very present human being who was and is grateful for his life….his life that gets ONE body to use for as long as it lasts. The whole idea of a human life is so miraculous when we really think about any of it.
I became an Elder this year , that is my opinion of it. 70….years in this body, named ellenlansburgh.. broke an arm, blahblahblah.. all the things that could happen to this human female body…every body gets it’s share of karma.. boooring..
for most of my life i thought that my body was me…. but now that it is declining, and of course it is…. no warranty… it was and is still doing an incredible job of working well.. just being a great body and i finally understand.. that it is a very very important vehicle to take care of in every way….
My body was on my team… but when i look back… i was not on it’s team… sort of like kicking your dog….( i hope someone else gets what i mean).. sure someone told me about my body being a temple… sure.. sure.. whadevahhh. I love the new language. don’t you??
It is so fun to see the vista of your life and be like Wise and Cool.. for the first time really cool. cuz u value your time on earth… AND  you know that you are not just a body.!!!!

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