cats.. all over the tables.. what is important? ..who decides?.. whadevah…

Being aware ... being awake, Miscellaneous

i feel like the mom of two, 7 yr old little guys  (kittens that are 2 months) and watching them is sweet fun…. they are in heaven when  they live in my home.. along with 4 more adult versions, my catamily, cause it is  decorated in the Sandford and Sons style of well used …and doncha  worry about it, there  is truthfully nothing for them to ruin except the art…

i always found a certain freedom to not caring about things and things…Like, it seemed if i invested actual  real caring and attachment to an  item.. it(the item) was then in a position of power over me… in a way… so. i liked not having it be new… i liked old … cause really how long is new able to say I AM NEW!!! i don’t think very long…I figured this out while I was  very very young… and for sure it had it’s yin and yang… cuz CARING is everything …..FORGODSSAKE! and CARING takes courage.

this stream of consciousness is going into ..value.. i think… who really knows…?? “sustained attention”  , is what Ken Burns was articulating as the element that gives Value or even reality  to a thing… situation… relationship…moment in our life..any and everything… i find that to be such an interesting thought, really   a great explanation of how… right?  BTW…listen to the interview with ken burns.. it was fascinating to say the least!

because, since i was small i have always wondered WHY? and how come?? and now that i am in the ladder years of this incarnation as ellenlansburgh i am always trying to catch the moment.. and give it some value … it is hard for me to RELAX.. and just be….with no strings attached..and no inner demand of myself, that i don’t actually say, but still feel on a physical level going thru my veins or whatever else is in become… and not be.

so when the PRESENT is actually all there is… that is the only time I can enjoy it… otherwise. i have some programs to reprogram lol….and i am not where my body is…. so where is that??? and who knows?? none.. which is why we might as well give Donald a chance..

ReallY??? who knows?



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