Trump … scares the crap out of me with his edgy,threatening, TONE


got to say this… what the hell is happening? i agree that donald trump is entertaining.. smart.. Rich.. and makes all the other candidates look like careful, rigid,and scripted not to offend… kind of guys… so..
however, more important than anything, his dangerous, attacking, persona always on the available.. and not self-censored in the least. I bet all of us have either been that Bully or knew that bully and didn’t want to be around him(her). DANGEROUS..
did u catch the edge in his face?? in his tone???? I immediately dove into an open bag of semi-sweets, publix brand, inferior to any other, btw, and stuffed in a very non aware way… cuz there was scary in the room . vis-a-vis the television … personally, i think that is a sign of something quite off the mark…
don’t u?
and was he kidding when he sent a tweet about an old issue with Fox news…get over it baby.. Reaction is not choice of behavior… it is immature and not fully developed.
i think that we have to look at ourselves here… why… such an unattractive reflection…
i was listening because i am not sure it really matters who is the president.. so in that case.. why not mr t? Cuz he is too f-ing nasty,,, and that is what i have to say.

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