signed a pledge….. took a vow or more like 3 ….Trump…AMERICA

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are we to take a pledge seriously???? Every time you certify on an agreement that you read it… do you??
After working in the mainstream for a while , in a business atmosphere , here, i’ll say it aloud, a PHONEROOM!!! I felt bad about fudging and glossing but there were “folks” there who would yes when it was no and “of course” when it was really….no way.. they were the leaders on the board…every week. The owners and managers condoned on every level. perhaps …enter at your own risk of course… eat or get eaten, buyer beware, and on and on….. those adages were created out of truth or at the very least some experiences.

I used to pledge allegiance to the flag… like you, one hand on my heart and one toward the sky… it used to give me chills… like i was doing something that adults knew …on my heart!! .if i put my hand on my heart… my gosh… that was my word… how important things were and how much they mattered…. not ever identifying  the they- however always  quite positive  that there was a theyThey were grand … we were grand… AMERICA was good…not just good, they and we were the best. and the best people on earth are supposed to act great right????


when did our word…. change in what  we meant?? remember — u could say anything you wanted to.. but you HAD TO cross your fingers if you were lying… i remember those days… i remember being told that I could fight…. but I couldn’t kick blow the belt…

who signed what ? and so what??

in my opine… it is just a thought… please share this if you know someone you think might enjoy a thought provocation…






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