an election????? hear the birthers!! ted and donny…scary!!!!!!

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hola… I just cringed when I was listening to the TED and Donald on the steps of the capital show…. , filmed by CNN and i guess everyone else too…. why were they talking like that??? CRAZY talk… talk that wants to arouse people ,make them angry…. we all know how nice it is to be in an atmosphere of ire. Anger is an element of the mental problems we talk about… all the time…so… let’s try not to light a match near gasoline guys.
the donald is the delusional illusionist of all times… he was GUARANTEEING the return of the American hostages immediately upon his being voted into office…”actually,before I’m sworn in” . and he GUARANTEES that a few times…. wow.. what is in his pipe???
Ted is clever… he happily plays the opening act for the D- knowing that he will get the full coverage and benefits with the guilt by association crew…
CLEVER,ARTICULATE< PASSIONATE and divisive- These qualities are great but a dime a dozen….
Where is the man or team of men who who can bring us together???

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