rainy day thoughts…. turned off the noise and i hear …

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the rain… and the thunder… and sometimes i think an overhead airplane is thunder… and it is a little spooky i think… because I usually have the television on listening to my intimate pals at CNN or I listen to the wisdom of my Teacher..I have all of recorded messages through the years… Each one fill me with wisdom and energy or I should say refill me if necessary…. and I need that knowledge daily…. and I made myself turn the NOISE off…
there is a buzz to the silence… i hear the tapping of this keyboard as if it was loud!! lol crazy… right??? This is an esoteric thought…. but… isn’t this whole “gig” we do here on earth a pretty amazing ride??? I am this Cubiclegirl70 at the moment…. just creating her to be the energy i enjoy– ( I am the Energy, of course)… it is fun to be in her person… she is cool… relevant, and pretty funny… ( i do thank God for that)
However, as Ellen Lansburgh
Sometimes… I take it so seriously.. and for the most part that is a buzzkill!

and FYI  if you care.. Elders begin at 70… and you can be a baby elder til you are about 72 1/2 ???? then toddler elder then … you can imagine… however elder keeps going .. until you no longer need to be defined by your age … and your body  has passed..

I know!!! SUPER ELDER!!!!

btw please reply if u have any thoughts on the subject..

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