spirituality… not political???? Spirit and its effects cannot be isolated in a glass bubble.

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Everything!!   Everything needs the tenants of your belief system … if not you have nothing.. maybe an idea or at best a conversation where people can take positions, one vs the other – .. me against you and vice versa… positions to defend…. who needs that? Not if you want to enjoy your life… Live and let live!!!  agree to disagree!!!!

American politicos saying that the pope should keep his opinions to religion??? Children should be seen and not heard??? reminds me of the paradigm i grew in… not great for expansion to be sure…

The Pope should stay in religion and not wade into opinion where politicos go???? really ? says who?? the politicians and their mothers …I welcome any breathing human with some of their own time invested in educating themselves to express…. here we are after all… and i bet the Pope has better sources than I.

The real issue isn’t politics after all… it is the spirit of man.  Spirituality when lived can be the fabric of life… influencing every decision… looking out for mankind, even creature kind, even foliage kind… every kind that lives and calls this planet home.

What is business without spirituality???? Eat or be eaten… sorry volkswagon says… guess the bottom line was more important than life… 8 years ago we knew…. but…. hey.. Buyer beware dude!!  Lets be bigger than this.. lets be as big as possible… not as rich as possible… not as greedy as possible..Big and Grand and Spirit driven!! wow that inspires me.

The polar bears are stuck on little ice platforms right??? they are taking the heat for us… lets rally here… listen !! Spirited people who have nothing to gain.. no ne to placate… I love hearing the intelligent, considered thoughts of most and definitely this POPE..

2 thoughts on “spirituality… not political???? Spirit and its effects cannot be isolated in a glass bubble.

  1. Dear Cube Tickle Girl:
    According to your thoughtful essay you want me to be nice and protect rats. snakes and cocker roaches, slugs and cancer cells all of which are a part of our environment ? Back before my time this world had an ICE AGE condition. It definitely was not caused by burning gasoline in my chariot, so darlink, vot caused it ? Rumor has it that the warming period was linked to the dinosaurs farts and the trees that gave off a poison gas. This cannot be proven but it certainly sounds like a definite maybe.
    I am worried about the Polar Bear population . I’d hate to see the next generation lying on a bed of straw in front of their fireplace. You also mentioned the Pope and politics. These subjects are important too but right now I am too busy to respond.
    Tune in after the holiday celebration. The fast is over so glutton is in.


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