Being aware ... being awake, being mindful, Miscellaneous

is irrelevant… made so by the discovery of water on Mars…. thank you Mars… now perhaps we can be free… from the history of our thoughts, that keep us in some kind of groove…not groovy!

so the quick point is… stop believing all the stupid things that you do…Things and minds change all the time.. that is the beauty of staying flexible… you bend in the winds and do not break… re- get your balance and emerge stronger with a bit more experience…and that’s what it’s all about (clap-clap)!!

Baby Elders have a real edge here… years tend to teach if you want to learn…and everyone can change… cause they do anyway..

i hope reading this is fun … cause it is so fun for me to share my thoughts… and connect..

I also think there is a great cosmic connection going on… Pope here being filled with the JOY… nothing changes…except we hear there is water on Mars… miracle mini.. for sure … i believe the Energy is punctuating here.. for whoever wants to share it…

What a movie this is!!

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