TERROR and scary and getting used to it….WTF?

being mindful, Miscellaneous

Really… I just turned CNN off… they were trying to figure out why ? Why would anyone walk into a_____ and open fire with a few rounds.. 2 minutes of gunfire and lives are taken, hearts are broken and the country gets a little more crust on the scab of shock.  For my own opine, I have heard this  too many times to find it surprising .. in any way, and that is the sorriest thing i could think of to say…. too ordinary!

Our own reflection is coming back to us… our priorities have perhaps caught up with society and the price to pay is gargantuan discontentment for most.. A life of disappointment and despair… why? the problem isn’t jobs and the economy… the problem is education… not reading and writing.. educating humans to understand who they are and what they are capable of… we must teach ourselves and each other  how to self respect… from the beginning.. live in a way where we learn to value ourselves and our time, not our blue ribbons and bank books.

I am so sorry for us all…


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