Elders … there is old and there is obsolete..u must get old..

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its cool to be kind

its cool to be kind

We all grow til we go.… so some of us are going to get OLD… I know most people react to that word… worse than any 4 letter word i know…” I am the same as I was” BS… that is not the point to be the same…!. it is to change and relish the change…

Obsolete is another story, however.. and that is by choice, not destiny. I listen to popular music.. and I get to  share it with my grandchildren, who are being taught and guided by their generation, not mine. I happen to admire the voices (opinions) of the musicians , some of the songs are such valuable teaching lessons – that Colbie… ( TRY) supports …emotional health and communication with oneself… this generation will be saved by this wisdom ( i think) , of course they will need all the early wisdom they can absorb, it seems, to deal with the threats thriving on this planet.

I have never felt better about myself in my whole life… and none of that is coming from outside influences…no money, no job, no vacations etc…. no distractions, actually has made it easier for me.. i think.. I no longer have a list of things that I want.. ( so nice) I have changed the way i conduct my own conversations… i don’t play what if or what i would do if … I find that incredibly boring rhetoric, and I no longer want to listen to other peoples what ifs either.. Not allowed if I want to be here now.. thank you Ram Dass.

Mindfulness is presence.. and that never ages… never is it  irrelevant.. In fact, wisdom is a most attractive quality.. Many cultures knew that and celebrate their elders.. and yet it is not available if you don’t seek it… and honor it…still talking about wisdom here.

Collaborative energy is such a turn on… talent supporting and playing with other talents produces a whole new body of better, merged ideas.. a cacophony of great ideas .. i love it.. it supports, it doesn’t compete with, or detract from… it just grows  ..

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