complaining! not me… i am very GOOL!

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Kudos and kudos to me! I am so gool… which of course you know is good and cool…however, since my ac broke, because of lack of care and cleaning, I have been pretty warm here..and that is going on since friday night folks…

Impressed with myself is an understatement…  I have tried all of the alternative approaches except patience throughout my life (70 years ) when I was in  a situation in which I am dependent on another… Have tried screaming, disdainful and holier than thou affectation in my speech.. threats both outright and masked… bullying…etc…pouting for sure  and I must give credit to “madding ” at a person.. which is being mad at someone in order to get them to do what i want instead of what they want.. Alas, I must admit, my success rate was pretty close to 0 in personal satisfaction and a double 00 when it came to just enjoying life..

Acceptance!!!! I have it!! Mindfulness and non reaction!!! I have it!! so none of the above… for this cubiclegirl… she (me) has sure come a long way… KUDOS forever –

its cool to be kind

its cool to be kind

I am GOOL… the air-condition man said he would be here this morning…. and then i will really be cool… cause not having an ac in miami,  florida might not be like living in and leaving Syria… but it certainly has challenges…( so spoiled here in the U.S)




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