Blaming!! no donald… that doesn’t fix anything dude.i cringe…

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its cool to be kind

its cool to be kind

Dear people of the United States,

cc :donald trump

Please stop being attracted to the Donald for president…. he has smarts… I give u that… but he is DEFICIENT when it comes to the reaction button he has on his personna. He shows us, and brags about, his reactive abilities!!! He seems to trust all of his opines, never investigating or taking counsel… shooting from his hip and believing it to be GREAT. Well hips don’t think through…the obvious facts.

This planet has so many volatile situations going for it… like smaller fires all around, needing to be put out, needing concern and perspective along with respect for the lives they represent.  We need a giant of a man! Personally, I think we need teams of giants, people who see the larger screen-shot- not ever  tempted to counterpunch… EVAH!!!!

Donald, we will send you to therapy…you will get a new vision of yourself, I hope.  You can work on your enormous human ego… that really is just a trouble-maker in the end, the beginning and in the middle…of life.

Personally, I can’t believe that a man or woman in a human body can represent themselves as being detached when they use name-calling the way that Donald does.  It is not a question of politically correct or not… it is just an obvious, “less-than” activity aimed to insult, hurt and demean etc,,, and never can solve or smooth.. actually name calling… is lowly and immature.. let us all be inspired to cease and desist.

Come on world… we can do it! NO BLAMING ANYMORE…  actually, who cares?

I never found knowing who was at fault to make any situation better… does it??? I am always open to evolve!!







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