cheerfulness! is a choice.. if u don’t like it?…change ur mind!!!


WE CREATE EVERYTHING!!!! if only we knew that. We read it and we say… “oh I know that” but knowing  down in our cells and freeing ourselves from living on reaction… wow !life would be so different..??? just imagine for a moment.


“MAKE YOUR MIND YOUR FRIEND”... is a teaching from my Teacher… I heard it many years ago and I knew it was brilliant and a key for me.  It has taken me all those years to identify what stops me… how I sabotage that very teaching.  Do I engage in self criticism, using the tone of a disappointed parent or teacher?  Do I indulge the “what if” games that my mind says, “OH! i have a great idea … what if blah, or blah or blahhhhhh and ( of course usually the ending is pretty dark… like – for me- alone- sick- penniless…) What a great way to think!!! so fun! I just love to live in the gloom I can create…. and then call someone and talk about it as if it were real!  so ridiculous.. ridiculous like only humans can be and how we “live it” and teach our children to live it too.(by example of course, not by mouthing). Do I think it is my job to find out what is wrong? I am a big believer in the opposite… find ONE thing to be grateful for and everything shifts!! very good news!

For me it is a daily job… watching my thoughts and being the gentle and kind  boss as to where i let them dillie-dallie! I was/is like to be dramatic… I think I felt any drama seemed like life was actually happening and perhaps I felt…… but ENJOY? hardly.

Time is an idea that we invented to keep some track of our lives… Time has been but a moment… it seems… I am an Elderster- someone over 70.. and I have decided that i no longer have moments to spare or donate to drama and negativity… But to support this intention,,,I pick and choose as to what I think about..

If my Teacher could do it!.. I could… If I can do it… certainly you can..

Decide what kind of a friend you need.. and then be that friend… no one else opinion has equal affect ( or really any) on your well being!

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ellen the cube ( who is going to the cubicle.. tgif

funkiest me at work... that's it

funkiest me at work… that’s it



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