taking offense is ridiculous! .. it is my own time I would be ruining…

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“no… Mom… don’t stop by!”.

Ok… wtf??

scrambling thru my choices on how to be… that is what MINDFUL is ..I do not have to react.. i can choose how I want to act. How I want to handle my self and my relationships.. Creation of the person I am ..you and me and all of us,  we are pioneering ourselves… we have never been HERE before. That is a fact we wouldn’t have a debate about … right?

So.. who is it that attracts me? I make her up!! and I am crazy about her… her is me!!! For the first time that I can remember, in a very very long time… she is fun to be with.. she likes to laugh, even more than anything… more than shopping, or eating, or blahhhh. Laughing is the barometer for me… a good day is a day I enjoyed…

I nominate : TAKING OFFENSE at someone, anyones, opinion, insult, diatribe… a Capitol offense,,, and not allowed in any ELDSTERs mind.. from now on.. let’s just let everything just go over our head and out the window.

“HMPH”” ok i won’t stop by” I don’t care about seeing my fabulous grandchildren… anyway! ie: this is a pattern of thinking , for instance that gets in the way of ENJOYING every minute.

so many choices in there.. and I am getting – that the best action is one that works for everyone.. not that hard… and very OPENHEARTED! FullSizeRender copy

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