scary is shitty and your heart contracts.. so watch out! for negative thoughts or the day will be ruined

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I really have to change my ways here… turn off CNN- and listen to the quiet instead of the WHAT IFS coming out of the TV. France is preparing for chemical weapon attacks… that’s great. FEAR.. fear  fear …. for sure , of chemical weapons, I just don’t like to cough uncontrollably until expiration… I am sure of that. … and if that were to be in my future… I would rather not experience  it over and over again (in mind) until the actuallemente!
Challenging ?? for sure… and there have been many challenges to the human race and all other living species.. this is not the first.. However the constant barrage of news is an assault on a nervous system. Luckily, not all humans watch the news… I didn’t until I was of a certain age. I know my grandchildren prefer UTUBE… thank gosh! However, it is difficult to get out of the way of these screaming headlines. Isn’t it??

I do not want to be anything but cheerful and joi de vivre ish  for the rest of the time in this body… I want to enjoy what my eyes see- even if it if happens to be exploding.  I want to wow thru my day. flowing  and having an open flexible mind… not one that is on overload from wolf blitzer and christopher cuomo et al….not to mention myself.. (not doing this though)

I have met a few great people lately, who just seem to want to suffer… so if that is your plan for the week, month or moment… this awful polarity that is going on… with Irs- oops , I mean Isis,  really contributes greatly and can keep you ,or me, or anyone in a constant state of SERIOUSNESS  and Fear. But remember that is not enjoyable.

No matter what is going on somewhere… I am still only HERE. Physically for sure… but mentally – watch out and batten down the hatches… cause if your mind is the decision maker without control…. Boy, this would be as scary as it gets…so far

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