Generosity… an ingredient more important than most!! for a good recipe of alive!


I am not sure anyone with stinginess in their soup… can experience Joy…

I ubered a very ( seemingly) gool kind of guy! open , fun, attractive, witty,sophisticated, well spoken , talkin the talk” kind of guy…. blah blah blah for ever…55 for your info. So, he is ordering some very yum sounding food from Giorgios Bakery in Hollywood — 3 meals as his father(96) is in the hospital… he offers me to buy a drink i say thanks but no…. I am THINKING,,,,,,,

‘ wow what a gool dude! (remember that good is good plus cool… and quite a badge of achievement… nothing really beats the combo for day by day living.) Like  HOW ARE U?   I AM GOOL!!!  very, very… right? So… when he asks me to wait.. I am gool with that… generally, I don’t want to wait for 12cents a minute and would say “thanks but why don’t you just get another UBER when you are ready”..and that would be gool also.. cause there is no reason for anyone to be offended, unless they like that feeling and opt in for that…

Nature  was serene and gorgeous  and a great pleasure for me to be there…. seagulls playing and teasing me with their company, the water swollen  heightened bay undulating  with breeze… just beautiful and  I am soo appreciative GOOL! cuz, here I am HERE waiting for this  savy dude… who will tip me for sure… of course, I am waiting only because I was impressed and expected him to be Gool too. I figure he will give me 100 $ maybe I will tell him that .. 100 is too much… oh life is sweet.. me just taking photos and waiting… and waiting… 25 minutes,,,I almost went in to keep him company while he was waiting… ( DID NOT) anyway the point of that was I thought he was someone who might be worth knowing… and I was fortunate to get to Uber this kind of person.

NOW, let me be clear here,I am Ubering to make some $$ and pay some bills..

We enter the car to proceed to the destination… hospital – sick dad- unhappy mother also in her 90’s… I am listening to his conversation with his 20yr old weightlifting , in a hurry kind of son who is “love you dad”’ speak later… oh how is grandpa kind of guy… I am  just reporting , not judging… I am enjoying this ride!! ohhh . also he is telling his son… that he can’t believe he has met such a cute golden oldie of over 70… he didn’t know there were others than Jane Fonda… ( i am very gool.) BEAMING out all my positivity and effervescent grin…

Arriving at Aventura Hospital- it is time for us to part and end our relationship– our moment on this Planet.

“well Thank you” he says .


Now to the point of this whole point…I don’t care what you have going for you… when GENEROSITY  is missing in your DNA… IN my opine, you are  staying at zero on the invisible scale of crusty, not enoughism  and  immensely  not ready for the flow of contentment and mutuality between creatures that actually creates positivity in your energy field and an open heartedness that is its own reward.

Poor sad, witty, glib and attractive man… you are not.. in the least attractive.. you look so contracted ….and you look like your heart is smudgy.

” I say I hope your father thing works out.”

GENEROSITY.. can be acquired … just like any other virtue…we want to cultivate… we are who we want to be… and what we value..IMG_2643 copy






4 thoughts on “Generosity… an ingredient more important than most!! for a good recipe of alive!

  1. Hi! I’ve been following your website for a while now
    and finally got the bravery to go ahead and give
    you a shout out from New Caney Texas! Just wanted to say keep up the excellent work!

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