self defense gun class? can you just imagine? Oy VEY for sure

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IMG_2757OY VEY is the best word here!! i am not sure the definitive but i definitely know the feeling.. OY VEY OY VEY oy very vey.
People registering for gun self defense… like moi? carrying or packing?? what should i get?? how do i load it?? who should i shoot?
How is that for a paradigm that sucks?
I am always amazed at the end of a drive that I am in a whole body and haven’t left my legs and arms on I 95. Cars are pretty powerful opponents for a human body…just driving guys is pretty amazing when you think about it.

BUT GUNS!!!! guns being driven by scared men and women… carried because they think that if someone comes “in” to shoot them, that they will shoot first and defend! This movie is not going to end well. I can feel the BHAV ( feeling) and it is not Gool. ( remember that gool is good plus cool).  OK GOOL!

I am trying to get a comical take on the situation… but I don’t think I am that clever. Since I first wrote this I am creatively wording – which simply means making up word – right now I want to say Frouble- – meaning fukin trouble..!!!

The only lemonade recipe that I can come up with here,,, is  taking advantage of our moments on this earth… and at least, for me, scanning the crowd to see if i get a hit of fear is not a gool and reliable signal…

most of us humans in human bodies… are a bit “off” anyway… give that scaredy cat some ammo? oy vey. what will they see? how will they respond??

I picture more bodies than I want to see… my opine… I don’t pretend to know the resolution…

Today some sorry , miserably off human shot at members of our Congress-






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