Seriously… about potato chips!!

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I was just one of those people who never got the value of a potato chip, however I do remember when ruffles added ridges that I began to feel there was some substance added. but for a mouthful of what a chip tasted like…. naw,,,Especially following a question like chips or fries??? Like Really>??? for real ? I mean who on this planet can even compare the two?
End of sentence.
Have u tasted kettle Brand ??? I think they are just brilliant! I mean really a brilliant yum taste that can be added… I sorta think of them as very INFUSED, and amazing additives when it comes to making a yum experience in your own mouth!
I just opened another brand- Cape cod , and it is packaged well and all- and very strong…. but not INFUSED… sort of like an attack on your taste buds in lieu of a miracle tasting additive… like . Hello, Maple Bacon…. Kettle potato chips! they are packaged in red , if you are rushing, and they are delicious… and I don’t mean on their own, although I am sure they are if they are… get that… but I like to use the taste….
like with:

Mozzarella from your favorite charming cheesareo (MIMMO in north miami)
a piece of a piece spinach pie ( also from Mimmos).
one really doesn’t want to stuff here.
garlic, and roasted red and gold baby peppers ( heated of course)
arrugula and avocados ALWAYS
and a dash of Tom Jenkins barbecue sauce- adding a dash of sweet, and u can’t get me to say sour…TANGY might do… but a great relief and additive, here for your taste buds….
I always get excited to open a new bag of Kettles— I really enjoy what they bring to the taste party….
Jalepeno! yum
Maple bacon— might be getting the award… in this house
Cheddar, Bleu Cheese and etc…. have not tried the barbecue for some reason… Please do not think that any barbecue sauce would suffice… I think not at all.
Back to the subject of potato chips…. Wow I think they are worth the calories here! and that is saying a lot …..

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