there is me,,, and who is she? and most importantly ….who will i be?

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I feel like I am in a total remorphization…and I hope that that is a word and that- that is ok to use… Cubiclegirl has sort of faded from my consciousness as my personna – mainly I think cause I no longer have the cubicle to refer to ,and to starve my visuals–in fact it really is just the opposite… as I drive around and get to see some gorgeousness – life and nature on this planet.

At this moment I think of myself more as CUBERgirl70… but this romance may be short-lived, as Uber cut their rates to compete with Lyft – certainly understandable, but- Uber has educated their clients NOT TO TIP!!!  and that is a major wowch for sure.- Not for the clients, obviously, but for the drivers…. and there certainly is no dearth of people willing to give driving  a go. The pluses are obvious– and if you want more info read about Uber on their own app…

Sooo- me at  70 years old- I am a pioneer of this age (as we all are)- This is the first time for everyone in a new time.The paradigm of human life has seemed to change so much and so fast…healthy and young(ish) with life spans that are lengthening, it seems, while we are sleeping. We get to define this age– which i think is very EXCITING!! And let me be clear– everyone is defining their ages… My granddaughters and their sexy, eldsters with their health and vibrancy, toddlers with their wisdom and presence, and on and on… evolution goes on whether you want it to or not. soo – go with it ! stop swimming upstream here. ( this is how I talk to myself- I find I need my best support daily, and go to someone(s) far wiser and detached from my own personal attitude)

so Who do I create?

Most importantly, I want to be a content, laughing, human- “Live and Help live” type of human.. who cuts a swathe of empathy wherever i go. And that is a large job! It takes giving up the ordinary kind of conversations that we have concerning- others: shoulds:expectations:polarizing opinions like “I am right- so you must be wrong” type of thinking.:worrying about the future! : mulling over and telling stories of the past: all these and many more hurdles have to be jumped and cleared and really ABANDONED  in order to ENJOY the PRESENT!

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