NEW means New not old and not known really…

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REALLY  so exciting…

Lets take this seriously here…I will speak only for my self and you are welcome to agree, adopt, disagree or  roll your eyes, hmph and walk out of the room!

what could be a better setting to be who we really want to be… Creative living is when you make it up as you go along… how fun is this??Never before have we lived in this body at this time with these circumstances… so it is really BRAND NEW.

Instead of coming to the moment with all our OLDER – which really means, our already feelings or experiences and impressions that we have claimed to be our own and actually cause or influence our reaction… if we are humans that are REACTERS – which apparently is not a word but a definite condition. (and not creative living – make us up as we live along, types of humans.)

For instance, the other day i walked into a neighbors home… her 7 yr old girl was caressing and relating to a snake.. I found myself recoiling and hmphing and rolling my eyes and retreating…. WHY? I really never have had a snake to get to know.. and yet here I was judging this adorable serpent as if I had a large wealth of experiences and a bite or 2 in my past… not true.. my experiences are sightings… and sightings,, none of which have been perilous in any way. SOOOOO. I gave this darling little, beautiful, sweet bangle-bracelet like little snake a chance… he was soft.. he responded, he is also a creature who was not ready to fight to the death.. we got along..i became someone NOT afraid of snakes… she was gool and had a better time for sure. and isn’t the quality of our time on this planet – the success we seek??? Shouldn’t that be the measure of our existence??? not the length, or the achievements that are marked in money or awards?

New not old… is amazing.. and interesting …and vital like we can be in these bodies-

This subject goes on and on and there are many ways to say it.. 10644936_558249310998269_4362323804923843597_n


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