Listening like it is your first time… does it make sense? own it… listening like it is your first time…


TONIGHT  on CNN !!! Anderson Cooper is giving a forum to the President, who will be making his thoughts known as to what he thinks might help violent gun episodes in this country.

I think it is fair to say that EVERYBODY alive is living in a seemly more dangerous world that they “used” to live in.. We are all affected by fear… it is the loudest vibration on the planet at times…Turning on the news is a sure fire way to get a scare thrill… most days..Horrific and repulsive acts of people killing people are ordinary. We are the most violent nation of our ilk on this earth… we are number 1!!! we used to love to chant that in high school and now we can indulge once again… WE ARE NUMBER 1!

I believe we are in this soup because somehow our priorities became askew – success was measured in terms of money- ( just listen to Donald Trump) I believe that can create a very unsatisfactory view of our own worth – if we measure it agains the dollar. And that is another blog… however,”mental illness” is pretty ordinary in my point of view… I think dissatisfaction is a choice and if we are choosing it… then buddy that is mental! That is where we have to get better – Values..and Virtues being used daily, not just on Sunday.

Our politics are changing. our leaders are up for grabs… lets Listen.. lets hear what people have to say.. Don’t listen with your right ear or your left ear… forget what you thought about guns yesterday… listen like it is your very first time…We are fortunate to be experiencing this in such a connected way..,. together.. we live on this planet together… lets really hear Obama.. and if he makes sense….? Minds are made to grow and change… just like the humans that have them.


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