Donald is smart!!!! maybe … he is smart enough!

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IMG_3374I was flabbergasted when he came on the scene!! Like really? like who would vote for him>> he cannot get out of his own way… and yada he has a large / tiny mouth that doesn’t close  and he reacts ! AND HIS LOWER LIP AND HIS MOUTH, OH MY GOD!!  IF I COULD THROW UP AT WILL,  IT WOULD HAVE BEEN THE OPTTMUM TIME! Jutting that lip out … oh my gosh how yuck.

And Here he is! The Donald,  leading — almost the next President perhaps… wow/wowch and melania /

(1 1/2 months later)

Ben carson is going to endorse the Donald this morning!! In my opine, I am impressed…I have come to respect Ben and the way he thinks and seems to rethink. With the counsel of people like Ben- I move the Donald up quite a few notches..I personally think the more the merrier when it comes to wisdom.. and counsel and being open to reconsider  -to stay in the moment of course. Impressive that a man like Ben thinks a man like Donald can be the Prez.

Over these past months– we have seen DT morph slowly into a more reasonable man– he still has to work on restraint,, but don’t we all have work to do? I am a great cheer leader and want to see the president do really well, who ever he ends up to be or she of course. This election has proven to be the most entertaining story going… better than a movie , and I haven’t read a novel in years… this is good.

We need all the support that we can give each other- we don’t have to hit back– we have to get out of the way of negative energy and let it go by us- instead of in us!- we all have so much to learn to make this planet survive…fighting til the last man standing.. is just fighting til the last man standing.. and it doesn’t sound like a “fun” way to play and live.

whatever is going oh here… we all better ‘shake it off” and figure how we can make this work! Human to human kind of life!

So if Donald is the president– God Bless him and us.. and lets help each other!






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