INSANE!!! we are what we say.. we hope….Listen this is the truth and it comes to past…..

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“I am a UNIFIER!” saethe the donald…. as he speaks fiercely while threatening, blames and name calls…[]]=]

I for one have lived in these situations, (marriage, work, parenting, co-op boards) where this kind of COMMUNICATION  was/is the daily bread of life… and I can saith– NO IT DOESNT WORK… fighting ..etc.. hitting back harder…. leaves a lot of despair and disapointment.. along with the debris of broken promises.. and forgotten dreams..

If one wants to unify- one must be on the same side/team/ and GENUINELY put self interest aside. The paradigm of winning and losing has to flush and flourishing takes over… that is my opine..

The times are absurdly dramatic for us.. and we are seeing our own reflections in the actions and reactions of our common country. ( common to us- not common at all).. c/mon… let’s step into the light here…We Humans have really been doing this sort of wrong.. i think, I think that our existence is so amazing and we take it for granted every day– just by going on rote..doing our regular things, maybe not rethinking who we are and what that means…caught up in the current – body and mind separated- dancing as fast as we can… being in the unhappy people club… over-flowing from the planet soon… and endless. misery making- words.

A friend of mine said that she “thought- that donald would be different if he was elected” I said – you HOPE- she said she thought… how can u think that?

its cool ... to be kind

its cool … to be kind

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