I DIDNT START IT!! oh my gosh

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where are we??? what is the dialogue that we share really like????

I am struggling with my own reactions at the moment…. but …I take responsibility for the fact that they are my reactions! Whatever the ‘awful, jerky,s toopid, fucked- up other  did or said… It is me who is responsible for my own actions…and Reactions.

In my opine- that is the rule of truth… blaming just doesn’t change anything-

it all lies in the action or the reaction…. and as we Evolve into the Humans we actually can be——– for my part I must give up playing in the field of blame and fault..which of course is the breeding ground of resentment, which of course is the path to a shitty day, life, etc.

This requires mindfulness of course- and mindfulness requires total presence- or at least the commitment – mindfulness can’t be taken for granted… it is an action. and intention.. its rewards are in the moment and for me can not be equaled. Cleaning up after the mess of raw rage and anger is a pretty ugly job..anyone who has been there knows.. a real BUZZ KILL! lol

I can’t solve this one… it takes real vigilance, intention, and maturity ( it seems)-

REACTION – wow it could bring the world to its knees!IMG_2757

Human relationships are the playing field of equilibrium…

Starting it??? what is IT?




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