PUNishment??? wrong word? thats all… it just goes on.. STFU


and on.
I am not a fan of Donald Trump… I think he is brilliant, etc but without the ingredient it takes to be a wise man…. he is an unwise man… in my opine. Although I think his gifts are abundant for sure… humor,sense of fun, a helicopter for kids, etc.


using a word of punishment… when someone engages in breaking a law… just isn’t outrageous… we are ridiculous to make this so big….is this what we do all the time?? in our own conversations?? interpret for our own sake?? misread and then accuse? Blame? we are blaming him for using the word PUNISHMENT.

We are entertained by every word…. I listen to every human pundit paid  by the news organizations while they interpret every nuance and word that the Donald says… and it must be a lot of fun for them, cause he is something else!- Outspoken??? why don’t we all say what we mean??? It is the only way communication works.

Every other form of life on this planet must think we are ridiculous after all… we are given the GIFT of life.. and then we fuck it up. We continue on the path of really?

Actually sometimes I wish I was a cat.

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