Mindfulness- catching balance HERE

Being aware ... being awake, being mindful, Miscellaneous

whew this HUMAN – REALITY -stuff – feels very complicated at the moment.
My mind is racing into the future– dragging me down through a morass of fear- blocking the ease of breath – (seems I always lived holding my breath for years and years- sounds familiar?) and I am amazed that I can share it… I so prefer writing from strength..
Called a couple of other humans, but they couldn’t give me what I needed… I need to be reminded by another- another who also wants to speak in the present… I find everyday human conversation pretty confusing….
I have a TEACHER…
getting high with gurumayi – i drive around- listening to her wisdom, feeling her empathy for me and take in her wisdom – as she presents the many ways – I (WE) let go of the “reins” on my mind… and let it take me to the real Shittsville- ( heard that is a good tv program)- maybe I will binge it as I just checked my biorhythm chart…
Biorhythms are energy- I am energy-
letting this energy go into a pool -a swimming pool- I am not suffering anywhere- just in the mind.. if i go there….
Trying to stay HERE!

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