outspoken.. means outspoken… not truthful or authentic… or happy …. it means able to speak OUT- TRUMP


We love to “make people up”-  I know I do … It is a key ingredient to FALLING IN LOVE. The place where I added up one and one- was usually a place where I made up the content after some magical attraction, where a cupid wannabe shot me with attraction. SOOOOO in love and off to the land of makeitup as you go along…

And I know others do, just by their conversation about others-and listening to the news… I am envious and amazed at how many opinions about others – others actually have… I find it hilarious and dated that a conversation begins with a ??? like “Gloria how does blah-blah feel about this?” – and the Gloria gets to totally make up a scenario about which she really has no idea and is  still willing to make up the story! and gets paid for it!!! I want that job too. one can never know what some other human is thinking.. their translation reflects their own thoughts… alwaysFullSizeRender copy

While watching the news ( a lot)- I FIND IT INTERESTING AND AT THIS TIME- MOST ENTERTAINING…it Trumps every story that is made up..every day!! right??
I heard a Trump fan …. he was praising the D for being outspoken,,,, and he is! I will praise him for that also… HOWEVER, I do not attribute to him other qualities – because of that … outspoken–ness can still be used by a human…charming doesn’t mean anything else.. just charming..as is funny, witty, etc. Charming and outspoken does not mean AUTHENTIC… outspoken can tell tales- outspoken can be mean -outspoken just means being able to say it…not afraid to be oneself in the moment… We as a country are not used to this- we are “Fine” and maybe that translates as politically correct- unable to risk our own truths..lets take the greatness from the donald and leave the rest… not elevate him up to a state of anything else… why can’t we believe our ears??? believe our eyes??? He is polarizing…. He is polarizing… His rhetoric induces reaction… I for one have lived that way… it is an ordinary way to live- ping and pong…. he boasts of his excellence in this regard… SO WHAT??  Name calling??? great way to respond … it is not!

Perhaps Donald will be King… it looks as it might happen… (what a story! where is Adam Mckay?)

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