NINFO… very very important….cause you can never be the same.. old you!

Being aware ... being awake, being mindful, Miscellaneous

NINFO  equals new information… of course!

NINFO  is an important new word and category!! Just think of a recipe for soup or something… like that… well you add some new taste and wow! you get a new perspective.. a new taste – perhaps evolvement, but definitely change. Our operating systems can act like that also…. we get ninfo and we digest it and we become (or we don’t) something new.

Ninfo also keeps us in the present, as we no longer rely on our old attitudes,stories, opinions (they are now outdated) you see? I am overexcited about this new tool!! so when you say or hear NINFO !!! you reboot.

no reason to go on and on….FullSizeRender copy

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