donald trump vs ALI- a knock out for sure? it was the genesis of the fall from Grace…


I have been thinking about this for 2 weeks and want to express my gratitude for Mohammed Ali and the timing of his passing…..

I didn’t really follow the champ in his life- (just nixed boxing as who cares for myself) however in learning about him and being so amazingly impressed with every story i heard or read- after his death- I have to say he sounded like an EVOLVED human- listening to the eulogies were moving- everything about him shone along with his courage and joy of living…

Ali passed the same week the donald was expressing his wrath and mistrust of the “mexican ” judge – whom   the presumptive one  said could not be fair in his dealings because of his heritage – and of course donald said he was building a wall” – we are what we think – and i think donald was just reflecting his own inability to transcend personal feelings in his dealings!! (good one)..

I feel the juxtaposition of trump vs ali was so strong – and shone a light on how amazing a human could actually be- (of course the Champ) and how petty and blaming humans could be also… the presumptive.

The polls started slipping- thanks Mohammed Ali- your timing is as always astounding..

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