BLAME!!! .. the blamer keeps it going….and ….

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listening to Patricia Smith and her BLAMING in Benghazi!!! wowch!

does that help the hurt??? i think not….her son is dead and Hillary perhaps made a decision that wasn’t helpful… true it might be,,,, but  WHEN DO YOU WANT TO END THE SHIT ? man? Grieve for the loss…. thats for sure,,,,,, live your life and suffer if you want … but stop the shit….throwing- the blaming,,, building up and fueling resentments…listening to Mrsa Smith BLAME… was 2 nights ago…

in the meanwhile…..

Watching and (listening) to my own minds words… in my own personal scenarios/relationships/situations… wowch… the allure of blaming is a path to righteous venting.,… (i diagnose).. and then it seems HUMANs use the energy of the blaming vernacular to fuel the fire… and leave their conscious minds…this terrible violence that is occurring gets reenergized over and over – each time the thought is thought!- juxtapose this with horrible occurrences in the past …few weeks alone….

who is doing your thinking? the person that is being created by the choices that we make? or reaction?.. with reaction your odds are 50/50 with conscious choice!!! just imagine .. admiring the person/self that we create … a fun and pleasant way to enjoy… i am trying


Reaction… has left me alone- robbed me of my choices in the present moment…. that really is the ultimate robbery!!! as without conscious choice… who the fuckity are we?

SCARY — i hear it -in the UBER- i watch it on CNN… lol


I would appreciate your thoughts — after you actually think!!!!

lol lets keep it HILARIOUs if we canFullSizeRender copy

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