NO RESTRAINT… anyone????……we know where that goes……war, divorce, abuse……hilarious?

Being aware ... being awake, being mindful, chaos, love and loving

Yesterday i just couldn’t keep my mouth shut…. i was spewing negativity at my older son– he doesn’t need a critic, he needs a friend. and so do I – I need to be my support system,,,,, patting myself on the back if i need to and oohing and ahhing if i need to….the words and TONE i chose were negative and created negative energy… simply .. that is how it works- (if you work it).!!! a joke…WORDS  have ENERGY (donald)

Anyway, when i say spewing – I mean I was blaming him for something– which i was making up- ( or making a bigger thing out of)  because inside i had feelings of discontent and self judgement sooooooo rather than deal with it- dismiss it and halt the self torment- i tormented someone else!! sounds familiar to most? lovely way to spend time. – makes life really lovely (not)-

Not necessary for a human- it doesn’t have to be our nature- it is our culture-that seems to encourage doing… rather than BEING, I think we should be introduced to being a human– not  the winning- winners – vs losing  and losers kind of garble- that permeates our atmosphere in the western hemisphere. ” over here- over here” where the yanks are cominggggggg. we got lost in history – we are what we are- not what we were…. and that is just perfect. NOW is now… lets be here. ( each of us have our own here)

I am so off the track here- I wanted to praise the tool of restraint in life- it doesn’t seem to come with the package/ recipe/ whatever you want to call us…. humans!– Restraint is a wisdom and a choice…. and such an attractive ingredient to have…. It can be used….and the benefits are instantaneous–However– like any other talent it can be developed if it doesn’t come naturally.- calling names????? reaction I hope – and not a conscious decision… how could anyone choose getting into that kind of dialogue?

Restraint of tongue and pen have been admired for centuries…. now our fingers need restraint also….

no restraint equals no choice!!  reaction equals loss of deciding which way we want to be and which ideas we want to act on…like a sailboat in the wind just being blown around with no direction,,,, we are more than that! we have been given so much- but without restraint…..????


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