do you think the pie is big enough?? ….it is ..if you think so….

Being aware ... being awake, being mindful, Miscellaneous

(Ninfo- (new info) for you– great!!

if applied-

it will allay a lot of human pettiness! The not enough

category..- this might take some self reflection and a whole lot of honesty ( self- we have to get really real- not who we think we are.. but who we really are… when we are just with our SELF..

Of course you still have to install this new wisdom into that mushy mind of yours..just delete the ridiculous thoughts of “there is not enough”. Replace that with “there is more than enough pie for everyone!”. This is for this particular category of FEAR and what is wrong with me” kinda thinking that we humans seem to share- it is NORMAL and ORDINARY.

As humans we operate on programs that we make up – that doesn’t make them true or false, or good or bad,,,, we then give them what we call REALITY – and they shape our opinions  (sanctimonious or not) and our REACTIONS…. I believe this particular process then shapes us- and steals  our presence if we are not on it! – we find ourselves on a rote kind of path- being that person instead of AMing into the person we are/am. lol lol. (AMing is totally being in the present moment, which is of course without all the ways that you used to be,)

JOY! is

The immediate fallout from downloading this new operating system…. which we can label ENOUGH! Enough actually means there is enough for everyone …. so stop thinking that you have to get your seat early, or filling a plate so full, never running your car on empty – cause gas might disappear…. Oh my… I have been there and done that…

It means we can  start living with a generous heart that includes other Humans and creatures and other living things… that is a path – if taken will change you in the moment…. It is similar to your APPS. When we download the new and improved app- it changes right away!!! Really can be the same for us- -we delete from our computers in the same way…. they are showing us

Deleting an old operating system.,…

In my personal growth work- ( which is my life), It has taken all this time for me- but a lot of that is due to the conversations that the culture is/was in. I am I have identified outdated rules that I made up throughout the years of living my existence-Opinions, generating actions  that i created in a smaller, more vulnerable body-  it appears every time I cannot find my car keys- ZERO  to Freak— right??? Then I say to me ” oh ellen, you have a telephone, keys and a credit card… calm it down baby” …

But the other day I was incredible… and I installed the best Operating System that I have ever experienced…

There was a snake in my living room, not a large snake, a frightened looking creature that was carted in by one of my Coys (cat boys) as an offering to me – living here as a cat is the most splendid time for them and they show their appreciation by offering up other smaller living or dead creatures-

well I just took care of business and picked up that little snake guy- ME!! so impressive no freaking and no complaining just taking care of myself… I realized that I am the one to look to for myself and that is just great!! Best damn operating system yet!

so …. I do ramble on but the point is  we have to expand and grow all of the time… to keep evolving… we are never what we were or static – The Pie being big enough is a big category and a great update. so delete the old OS and install…. IMG_2378



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