WOWch instead … DONALD… just tweet WOWCH….!!!


Hey… we all get our feelings hurt… aww. we all do- as they say ” it is only HUMAN”… and we all know that it feels crummy…..

However, I am prepared to offer my word WOWch- to the incoming POTUS … and he can tweet it instead of going on the attack…. YES.. Wowch is the antidote we need right now…and here i offer it…a gift to the planet…  YOU are welcome!!!

First the definition- picture this…1. someone says something about or towards feel a nano- moment of visceral pain in your body.. 3. for some the desire to eviscerate begins to come up like a wave of emotion….( you are getting on your surfboard of rage to surf it in… AND… you choose to say WOWch..  ( so it sort of means OW and wow i didn’t see that coming)- that will be a new category of response- in lieu of name-calling..belittling,,attack in general .their throat is calling your name……………………….and you .

Just WOWch…

WOWch deflates — and then inflatesit’s value is endless... it will make days more JOYful-– give you much more time for laughing and RELAFFing...( my favorite, right?) (southern accent on that right)lol

its cool ... to be kind- really its GOOL to be Kind

its cool … to be kind- really its GOOL to be Kind

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